"Ohio Posteriori" 2019
16" x 27" acrylic on wood
This is one of the first paintings I did in the name of "Hugo Eats Pizza". It is a narrative manifested within the theme of "Pizza with Everything" that Kelly and I came up with. It is heavily influenced by Kelly and her art. The narrative of this piece is about both Kerry Fernandez (my high school prom date and lifelong friend), and Kelly (lifelong art friend). Both women have influenced me for thirty years. In the painting is Kerry's orange checkerboard from the 1989 painting I gave her called "Human Nature in Ohio", and also the global coordinates of her college dorm in Wooster Ohio. On the left is Kelly suntanning. I am Kelly's tapeworm.

If you are interested in purchasing this picture and/or for pricing email carlsmith666@yahoo.com

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