"Spartacus" 1996
48" x 96" acrylic on wood
This painting is a departure into fragmented narration as well as a return to surrealism. There is a sense of double imagery wherein the couple in the background is coupling, while the bone structure of each human is clearly visible. The flower in the fore left is firing an automatic rifle at the signers of the declaration of independence. Also there in the left foreground is the fabled humpty dumpty who is falling into a pit of used nuclear cooling rods. In the front foreground is a roman chariot being pulled swiftly by two ravenous lions. One of the lions is mauling the statue of liberty and the other Jesus Christ and his cross. Riding on the chariot is my friend Phil Taylor.
$13,000 If you are interested in purchasing this picture email cbs@carlberriensmith.com

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