"Tobey Flies in my Hawaiian Pizza" 2019
28" x 48" acrylic on wood
This Hugo Eats Pizza painting has the following ideas; considering the freedoms of thought, expression and movement. Also freedoms from harm, time constraint and fear of death. The abstract expressionist Mark Tobey did a drawing of imaginary flight patterns of a housefly. That drawing embodied all cubism and abstract expressionism to me in one neat packet. This painting has the flight patterns of our pizza (me and Kellys), and pineapples pollenated by humming birds. The checkerboard is a repeating element in my work, based on a painting I gave to my friend Kerry Fernandez in 1989. It was about the Human Nature in Ohio, where she went to college and majored in history.

If you are interested in purchasing this picture and/or for pricing email carlsmith666@yahoo.com

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